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Company Engineering Research Center of Shandong Province, gas equipment support unit, since July 2006, the Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency approved the formation of Shandong Province Engineering Research Center gas equipment since, under the guidance of leaders at all levels of care, at the center of all under the joint efforts of employees, in strict accordance with the specified target center, earnestly implement the indicators, actively promote the center project. After five years the center of the building, team building in terms of scientific and technical personnel, scientific research, new product development, social contribution to the domestic first-class level, has made remarkable achievements in terms of new products and achievements, commitment to research and development issues more items to promote the development of Shandong coal Chemical equipment Manufacturing Co. Matthey has played an important role. In addition the company played Shandong Province Engineering Research Center for Gas equipment advantages, and actively with the Beijing Branch of China Coal Research Institute, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Shandong University, China University of Petroleum, Dalian University of Technology, North University and other research institutes to establish a long-term technical cooperation, Shandong University, China University of Petroleum, North University teaching and research practice base.

The company's existing staff of 50 people of various types of research, engineering and technology research center of research and development by companies and external institutions, research cooperation unit staff, implementation of management mechanism employing an open and dynamic management, the research center staff members from fixed and mobile staff composed of permanent staff, including engineering research and development staff of the unit; the flow of personnel, including external experts and partner institutions, research institutes regular staff. Including 6 professors, 6 senior engineers, 14 people. The introduction of six people visiting experts, collaborative research of the "fluidized bed coal gasification gas furnace, oxygen-depleted mixed gas combustion efficiency heating systems, hybrid gas desulfurization systems, high-temperature gasification of coal and oil temperature air combustion system integration, φ4 0.01 Two-stage gas system, flux-cored hardfacing research "and other six projects, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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