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My company "fluidized bed coal gasification gas furnace", "producer gas wet FGD systems" have been adopted by the provincial science and technology achievement appraisal organized by Department of Env
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December 8, 2012, Shandong Province Department of Environmental Protection organized by the Shandong coal Matthey Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. completed the "fluidized bed coal gasification gas furnace", "producer gas wet desulfurization system" project outcomes identified will.


"Fluidized bed coal gasification gas furnace" by raising the temperature of the gasification agent to achieve a gasification process produces no tar and phenolics, no phenol wastewater discharge; bag filter uses advanced technology, gas dust content of less than 30 mg / Nm³; developed a new furnace construction, air distribution device and the corresponding technology, research and development of high temperature air preheater and system heat cascade use technology to improve the thermal efficiency;

"Furnace gas wet desulfurization system" uses an advanced fuel gas wet desulfurization technology, developed a new desulfurization Tabb liquid means new gas-liquid distribution device regeneration tower, molten sulfur means to solve the scaling problem desulfurization blockage; using new TTS efficient desulfurization catalyst to improve the removal of H2S in the fuel gas effect. Gas Desulfurization after the H2S content of less than 50 mg / Nm³.

Expert appraisal committee heard a related report, reviewed the relevant technical information, through questions, discussion, agreed that: the above two projects technology products reached domestic leading level, agreed to by the identification.


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