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Shandong Matthey grand awards ceremony was held in 2012 cum Unionist Assembly
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December 29, 2012, the staff gathered in Zibo, Shandong Matthey Seaview Hotel, was held in recognition of Shandong Matthey annual summary 2012 Conference and Unionist Assembly.


Meeting in passion, warm, lively atmosphere. Zhang Xiugui meeting chaired by union chairman, general manager of the company's overall 2012 are summarized, and in 2013 work for the overall outlook. Union president Zhang Xiugui union work on the 2012 annual report also summarized. Finally, the chairman of the company made ​​an important speech, the last in 2012, the company makes a concerted effort, a positive response from the market test, the basic completion of the goals set at the beginning of the mission. In the new year, he hopes the company unite and forge ahead to meet the challenges of the new year with full enthusiasm, to create "brand in the industry," the corporate vision wings.

At the meeting, for the past year, the company emerged out of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals, trade union activists, an outstanding member, conducted a solemn recognition of the outstanding correspondent. Advanced collectives and advanced individuals were speaking on behalf of, and they said that in the new year, will work harder to contribute their efforts for the company's development.

After the meeting, the company held a grand gala to celebrate New Year's dance "flag" opened the prelude to this evening, affectionate boy solo "Three Gorges Love", a humorous skit "marketing", "recruiting" dance "Hawthorn moonlight "will this evening to a climax, the song skewers, nunchakus and other programs won warm applause from employees, and finally, this evening in poetry recitation," concluded Matthey Love "in.


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