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Internship feelings
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Internship in the company more than six months, so I learned a lot of knowledge, professional knowledge, but also with some knowledge of many life work, from the beginning the internship into a journey of society, ending the school's life, but never learn end, and even that has just begun, arrived in the company of me, like a piece of paper, what they do, using the knowledge from school to work, feeling the lack of knowledge too, so the practice is engaged in the work of a future important process, internships are no longer as simple as school learning, work in practice to learn better, you can find errors in the process and avoid future work less take a lot of detours. Through internships can also find the exact location of their own what to do with themselves, and establish a goal, to make this goal a reality. In this process, we must try and keep trying that seriously solid to learn each process, the bar is not solid determine proficiency, proficiency determines the efficiency, productivity decided my way of life.


In the workshop with a lot of chefs learn some tricks with practical experience, but also from some chefs learned the truth of life, can work from a master of dialogue and in the breeding of their own ideas, have a better understanding of their own. More than three months into the technology department, and in three months I feel like I'm just learning the basics of handling small part of the rotation so I chose to stay in the technical department, to learn more and deeper knowledge, to learn in the process that I have a curious problem, the problem is going to get what happens, no matter for future posts on which to lay the basis for honest, rolls separated from their cases at any position our company will not leave related technologies knowledge. In practice, good learning, for faster and better to join in the work from the end of the internship time getting tight, and I do not think of when you did not learn anything, can not do anything, I think have to hurry up.


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