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Oriental Hope (Sanmenxia) Aluminum Co., Ltd. (175000m3/h coal gas wet desulfurization)
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Technological process

In the process of coal gasification, coal in 75 to about 80% of the sulfur into gas, the remaining 20% are remaining in ashes. S exists mainly in the form of H2S in the gas.
Working principle: with hydrogen sulfide gas through pressurized gas cooling tower down to 40 degrees Celsius, into the lower part of the first grade desulfurization tower, with the top of the tower spray down the counter current contact, remove most of the H2S, and then enter the two stage desulfurization tower for further desulfurization, use tower gas H2S down to specific indicators after delivery to the user.
Absorption of H2S of desulfurization rich solution, at the bottom of the desulphurization tower after discharge from, enters the rich liquid, made from recycled booster pump, injector spray into the regeneration tank, in the groove regeneration. The regeneration of the used air by the ejector was introduced. The lean solution regenerated by the lean lean liquid tank and pumped to the desulfurization tower, the regeneration air vent from the regeneration tank top.
B from the jet regeneration tank, the floating of sulfur foam gravity to sulfur foam tank, by sulfur foam pump sent to the sulfur foam tank, after box type filter press filtration solution into the underground pool, back to the circulatory system. The sulfur paste filtered from the press filter.
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