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Gas furnace gas purification?
TIME:2016/8/25 10:39:47 | VIEW:
Crude hot gas generated by a gas furnace (temperature of 500 ~ 600 ℃) was the first to enter the standpipe double wash hot water circulating cooling gas in some of the dust discharged from the lower portion of the seal of the dual riser with the hot water circulation is double standpipe wash temperature gas cooled down to approximately 80 ℃, re-entering the scrubbing tower cooling and scrubbing dust, gas cooled to a temperature of 30 ~ 45 ℃, the outlet dust content is usually less than 50mg / m3. after re-entering the electric barrier seal deoiling catch dust dust, gas tar and dust does not exceed the total amount of less than 100mg / m3, gas pressurized by pressurizing machine to 8-15Kpa (can also be adjusted according to user), and then by removing sulfur desulfurization tower after the parts for the user to use.
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