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Wanfeng introduced two-stage gas furnace gasification power
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Data show that: When the lump coal into the furnace in the size of less than 10mm of greater than 20%, two-stage gas furnace gasification power will be reduced by 25%. Gas furnace with adjustable points of coal bezel and conical points coal device combined use of a uniform distribution of coal, fuel furnace section thickness foundation together, and then proceeds coal gasification power, eradicate flaming partial furnace phenomenon occurred. The five-story tower Pentagon furnace grate choice, the choice of materials castings, rational planning of the grate, enabling uniform distribution of gasification agent, operating nowadays residue evenly distributed relatively stable furnace material layer can be in the best gas production situation, and to reduce the carbon content of slag. Most ash pan worm gear selection device, use 35 # 45 # steel and steel to enhance the tensile, compressive strength of transmission parts to ensure that the host during normal operation smoothness and durability. With barrier seal cyclone, shutdown during a power outage, the advancing water closed height, cut off a gas stove and a gas stove between thermal, ensuring no pressure occurs, eradicate tempering bombings.
Wanfeng Shandong Coal Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for the national key high-tech companies, assume national Torch Program unit, Shandong Province gas equipment engineering and technology research base and technology companies in Zibo City, relying on the base unit. The company has a large number of talents engaged in technology research and development and professional production units, with sophisticated equipment, perfect inspection methods and scientific management system. Over the past decade, the company adhere to scientific and technological innovation, it has been pleaded and received 101 patents, five invention patents, two international patents.
If you have any questions about the two-stage gas furnace, the company we hired it, we will answer any questions you have patience.
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