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Application and Classification of Two - stage Gas Generator
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Two-stage furnace in the domestic study earlier, as early as the sixties, part of the Design Institute has two sections of the gas stove and supporting the purification facilities were studied, but less, since the eighties after the introduction from abroad Many types of different diameter of the two-stage furnace, but also to promote the work of the domestic two-stage furnace development.
Two-stage furnace also has two large categories, one for continuous gas two-stage gas furnace, the purpose is to produce mixed gas furnace; the other is the cycle of the two-stage gas furnace, the purpose is to produce water gas Or semi-water gas, the current domestic have introduced or developed.
In the diameter of the furnace, a large 3.6 meters, 1.9 meters small, but more commonly used is 3 meters and 2 meters of these two.
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