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In the case of the Shigong gas stove stand pipe and the roof is easy to fouling?
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Gas producer believes that this is mainly determined by the vertical tube of the water distribution, the general requirements of the vertical tube of water nozzles in the cross section of the vertical tube to be evenly arranged, that is, the water can be sprinkled in the entire section of cloth, When the number of nozzles is too small, or the structure of the nozzle is not easy to cause uneven sprinkling, water sprinkle the tube body, gas out of the material due to the wall temperature is relatively low in the pipe wall .
As the angle of the nozzle nozzle angle, water sprinkle less than the top of the formation of an anhydrous area, so the most likely deposition.
In addition, there are two cases will also cause a lot of fouling, first, in the case of nozzle clogging, spray water is very small, or completely without water, this time the water spray less than the wall, it is easy to fouling , And second, when the water pressure is low, insufficient water, but also cause the spray nozzle of the spray angle is small, less than the wall spray.
Why is the first joint of the standpipe easy to fouling, while the second joint is very little fouling?
Since the tar is gaseous at 450-600 ° C, the tar is liquid when the temperature falls to 100 ° C, so it is easy to stick to each other. In the first joint high temperature gas A contact with water, will be able to cool to about 100 ℃, tar and coal ash will immediately agglomerate agglomeration, then washed off in the water, when <100 ℃ gas to reach the second joint, the amount of coal dust is very Less, so the second joint is not easy to dust.
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