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Introduction to Environmental Problems of Gas
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The current gas furnace on environmental pollution, there are two:
1, the gas water in the crystal water --- phenolic water volatile.
2, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the gas.
In this simple talk about the sewage phenol removal, phenol water can be used physical and chemical method.
3, physical and chemical method points the following six.
① steam chemical phenol removal method: steam heating phenolic water, so that phenol evaporation, and then absorbed into sodium phenol and phenol from phenol.
② evaporation of phenol method: the sewage is heated by steam, the phenol evaporates and penetrate into the steam, and then into the furnace as a gasification agent in the furnace oxidation and decomposition of CO2 + H2O and phenol removal.
③ sulfonated coal adsorption method: to sulfonated coal polar groups adsorbed phenol, and then alkali wash to discharge liquid sodium salt containing phenol.
④ Incineration: phenol is oxidized at high temperatures to produce CO2 and H2O.
⑤ solvent extraction phenol method: a high partition coefficient of the solvent extracted from the sewage phenol, extracted with alkali washing into sodium phenol.
⑥ resin phenol method: the larger the surface area of the organic resin adsorption of phenol removal of phenol in water, and then alkali washing resin sodium phenol, or dissolved in methanol resin phenol.
4, the sulfur dioxide in coal gas can be considered with activated carbon desulfurization.
Activated carbon desulfurization is the main use of it from the catalytic and adsorption, when the gas in the inorganic sulfur and organic sulfur in the active surface of the catalytic sulfur and water generation of solid sulfur and adsorption between activated carbon, the sulfur in the treated gas can be 10 mg / M3, the activated carbon has a sulfur capacity of about 70%. When the absorption capacity is saturated, the desulfurization efficiency is obviously reduced. Therefore, it must be regenerated to remove all kinds of activated carbon such as solid sulfur (S), ammonium thiosulfate (NH4 Ammonium sulfate (NH4) 2SO4, urea (CO (NH4) 2), thiourea (CS (NH2) 2), ammonium bicarbonate (NH4) HCO3), ammonium sulfide (NH4) 2S and the like.
As long as we fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of gas furnace in order to better use of gas furnace for our services to enterprises to create greater profit margins.
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