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Study on Energy Saving Principle of Gas Generator
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In the gas furnace industry is now investigating the issue of energy conservation, is currently the most popular topic. Whether living or industrial production, energy saving is a noble attitude towards life and production. Energy conservation is also a production system based on contemporary society. Gas furnace is no doubt that the green, green hope for high energy-consuming industries, the pressure transmitter measurement range a wide range of micro-pressure, high pressure, high precision, stable performance, is a widely used tool in the production Process. Flammable, explosive, should use the pneumatic explosion-proof level of electrical pressure transmitter. Optional flange easy to plug, the gasification point of the measurement medium pressure transmitter precision measurement requirements of the smart transmitter in harsh environmental conditions should be selected.
So the gas stove then quietly most of the gas stove industry development in the machinery industry, but the attendant technical problems from the equipment, professional and technical engineers for you to interpret the important equipment in the gas stove.
We know that the pressure transmitter is to accept the pressure variable, according to a certain proportion has been the gas furnace sensor, the pressure changes into the standard output signal of the field instrument, a successful enterprise, pay more attention to the details of our manufacturers only Fully aware of the structure and advanced technology of the gas furnace to minimize the investment to bring the highest return of the corporate transmitter to send signals to the control room pressure indicator recording and control. Can be divided into pneumatic pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter pressure sensor pneumatic pressure sensor components spring tube, bellows, running and so on. This is the balance principle of the instrument, and then we can be divided into torque balance or balance, the gas generator electric pressure transmitter sensor components are usually diaphragm and electrical components of the assembly, the electrical components of the capacitive strain gauge, piezoelectric vibration line. In the community for better welfare, through trial and error, without prejudice to the safety plant.
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