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How to Realize the Principle of Continuous Gas Producing in Gas
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Gas furnace is the use of coal combustion and then the coal into gas. The coal gas is widely used in China: chemical industry, enterprises, iron and steel, industrial, and so the industry will use one of the combustion of energy. So how to achieve gas furnace continuous gas production process? Wanfeng Xiaobian for everyone to describe it:
According to the gas furnace production process, the furnace fuel layer can be divided into dry layer, dry distillation layer, reducing layer, oxide layer, ash layer. Drying layer in the upper part of the lower part of the heat can evaporate the water in the coal; down is the distillate layer, the fuel thermal decomposition, the release of volatile and other dry distillation products into coke, coke from the distillation layer into the gasification layer Thermochemical reaction;
Gasification layer is divided into oxide layer and the reduction layer: oxidation of carbon and gasification agent in the reaction of oxygen to produce CO2 and CO. And release a lot of heat, in order to maintain the heat required for thermal chemical reaction;
Reduce the layer to generate combustible gas area, carbon dioxide and hot carbon role, for endothermic chemical reaction, generating carbon monoxide. Water vapor reacts with hot carbon to produce CO and H2, while absorbing a lot of heat.
Ash layer is used to protect the hood from damage. According to the ash layer temperature and outlet temperature to control the layers in a reasonable position to generate gas continuously. This is the gas furnace gas continuous technical analysis and workflow has been the internal structure of the principle. The continuous gas production greatly improves the production efficiency of the gas furnace equipment.
How to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, simplify the labor capacity of workers to achieve the country's environmental requirements. Is every enterprise should really consider the issue of new environmentally friendly energy-saving gas furnace equipment, coal gas is the professional production equipment.
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