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Gas stove manufacturers introduce safety accessories on steam collectors
TIME:2017/1/22 11:18:44 | VIEW:
The steam accumulator is a low pressure vessel with a pressure in the range of 0.07-0.3 MPa, so the following safety accessories should be provided.
1. Safety valve: When the new production, should be in accordance with the provisions of the working pressure calibration, so that it exceeds the required pressure will automatically open the steam.
2. Relief valve: This is the artificial pressure of the following, the artificial dispersion of the device. But the two valves above the discharge tube can not be combined together, or when the valve leakage when it is difficult to determine which valve is caused.
3. Drain Valve: Manually drained valves with full water and high water level.
4. Water level table: shows the soft water circulation system in the water level of the device.
5. Water level limit alarm device: When the collector of water when the ultra-high or low, it will alarm signal.
6. Inlet pipe anti-reverse device, when once the water interruption, you can prevent the steam collector back into the water pipe to the water.
7. Pressure Gauge: Show drum pressure.
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