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Causes of High Water Level and Full Water Level in Steam Concentrator
TIME:2017/1/22 11:19:35 | VIEW:
This may be caused by the following circumstances:
1. Intake valve or water automatic control device failure, resulting in excessive water
2. In the case of manual control, when the gasification strength decreased, but also to maintain the original water
3. Dropping tube has a clogging phenomenon, the water can not flow to the water jacket in time.
4. Water level table of the pipeline blockage, resulting in false high water level.
5. Lift the ignition when the high water level.
The above several high water level phenomenon must be excluded according to different reasons, in three cases in 1.2.5, when the steam collector through the bottom of the discharge valve discharge water to reduce the water level, and not to open the water jacket sewage pipe .
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