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Introduction to Operation of Gas Generator in Hot Spare
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Gas stove hot standby furnace is not prepared can not leave it, and when you can immediately use out. Hot standby furnace is required to operate, because although the standby, because the furnace water jacket is endothermic, so the furnace temperature to gradually decline, in order to maintain the furnace temperature is not excessive decline, from natural ventilation partial gasification reaction Heat and add heat, so the gradual consumption of coal, so hot standby when there is the operation of the content.
Its operations include:
1. According to the furnace temperature conditions, the appropriate open the natural ventilation valve to maintain a small amount of air into the furnace from the gasification reaction to maintain a small amount of fire temperature, that is not flame.
2. If the hot standby time is long, should be a small amount of coal every day, and a short time to start the ash tray to keep the material layer loose.
3. If the hot standby time is long, you can properly put down the maximum relief valve, in the case of a small amount of air, so that the furnace is positive pressure, and then measured solder furnace proved conditions.
4. Note the water level of the steam collector, because the hot water jacket is also endothermic heat, especially just hot standby, should pay attention to the vapor pressure, to be promptly dispersed, pay attention to the water level drops in time replenishment.
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