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What are the main parameters displayed on the gas generator?
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Gas furnace instructions to operate a large number of instrument parameters, but the main parameters are into the wind and gas in two parts. These parameters have five display parameters in addition to the parameters of the non-gas production system, except that the water level of the steam collector is generally adjusted to operate the gasifier.
1. Air flow: is to reflect the size of the furnace load, is an adjustable parameter.
2. Bubble and temperature: Although a temperature parameter, in fact it is a sign of the water vapor content in the air, is the main adjustable parameters.
Adjustable parameters:
3. Saturated pressure: also known as bottom pressure, under normal circumstances with the air flow-related parameters, can display abnormal traffic conditions.
4. Furnace temperature: This is reflected in the gas furnace gas out of the state, colleagues can show the furnace gasification. Is one of the main parameters of operation adjustment.
5. Furnace pressure: general and gas flow parameters, but also indirect and air flow (because gas flow and air flow is proportional to).
Therefore, the five display parameters is the most important air flow, saturation temperature and furnace temperature of three parameters.
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