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How does the temperature of the gas furnace control?
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The adjustment of the saturation temperature should be adjusted according to the size of the gas production load of the gas generator. It is worth noting that some of the irregular furnaces are designed to be unreasonable, the temperature measurement points are set improperly, and the temperature of the saturated temperature can not reflect the real steam content. According to different conditions to make the necessary adjustments
Gas furnace heating temperature adjustment is an important part of the operation of the gas furnace, the saturation temperature control is good, the furnace slag less gas production, gas furnace work smoothly. Saturated temperature and steam content is proportional to the higher the temperature the higher the steam content, so the saturation temperature should not be too high, likely to cause the slag too wet, the impact of ventilation caused by inadequate combustion reaction.
The adjustment of the saturation temperature should be adjusted according to the different conditions. If the fuel belongs to the weak cohesive coal, it is necessary to increase the saturation temperature appropriately, which can reduce the slagging rate, and the slagging condition in the furnace is often related to the saturation temperature. On the contrary, if the saturation temperature control is not good, will cause the gas furnace situation down, coal consumption increased.
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