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Gas furnace manufacturers to save the gas of the five small coup
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Gas is our indispensable fuel in daily life, almost every household every day to use gas to cook food, and some families are also using gas water heater and gas clothing dryer. A month down, gas costs can be a lot of it
In fact, as long as we change the habit, everywhere have the opportunity to save money. Xiaobian today to teach you a few recipes to save gas a small coup.
First, before cooking to plan
Before cooking, be sure to plan what dishes to cook, in the most effective order to cook. For example, if the food in the omelette, first fried good eggs, and then cooking or fried meat. In this way, fried eggs do not have to wash the wok waste of water, but also can use the omelette left with oil and heat cooking, both edible oil, but also save the re-hot wok gas.
In addition, before cooking the first dish to wash, cut well. Do not fire the gas before going to vegetables, vegetables, and waste time burning time.
Second, regular cleaning furnace core
If you find that every time you open the gas stove, it is not easy to point the fire, or the flame was red (non-purple blue), showing the phenomenon of lack of fire, we must clean the furnace core. At this time, you can use the old toothbrush brush to lead to blocking coal ash or food residue.
Lack of fire, will waste more gas to burn. After cleaning the firepower, stir fry to wok Qi foot, save time and save money.
Third, the selection for cooking utensils
Between the general gas stove and the furnace core, has a certain height, the most suitable for cooking with a pan, because the closest to the fire point, can quickly cook food. But the general Chinese wok, because the bottom of the pot is round, need gas stove, and then rack a stove to stabilize the pot, this pot bottom from the fire point increased, need to burn more gas to cook The
Fourth, control firepower
Cooking, know how to control the size of firepower, can reduce the waste of gas. Such as the use of fire to cook, the use of fire; the use of small fire soup, with a small fire, at any time according to the use of adjustment, not a fire on the burn in the end.
Fifth, control the amount of food
Some people love to boil soup, often boil a big pot of soup, often three or four meals before drinking. Soup boiled and then cook, not only a waste of gas, but also nutrient loss, while producing harmful substances, drink bad health.
In fact, Aohao soup can be divided into a bag of components stored in the refrigerator, each time to drink how much, will be the right amount of soup out to cook. Cooking the same reason, enough to cook a meal like food, to avoid waste and repeated heating.
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