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Analysis on the Whole Process of Gas Conversion from Gas
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Gas gas is one of the flammable gases. The main components of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and so on. Divided into air and mixed gas two. The former is made of coal and air; the latter is made of coal with air and steam, and the calorific value is higher than the former. For metal heating furnace, glass furnace, coke oven heating, but also for high calorific value of gas mixing gas.
Water gas is produced by burning the coal in the furnace, the bottom of the blown into the air, so that the burning of coal blasting, and then stop the fan, followed by blowing from the bottom of the furnace and the top of the steam, and hot coal after Produce a lot of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and then with the air in the nitrogen and the remaining water vapor mixed to form a water gas. Discussion on the Development of Cement Rotary Kiln
The furnace gas is produced by burning the coal in the furnace and limiting the air at the bottom of the furnace so that the coal can not be completely burned, resulting in a large amount of carbon monoxide. This method makes the gas discharged from the furnace mainly carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
Coke oven gas is produced by crushing coal, coal, according to the proportion of different coal mixed into the coke oven, the isolation of air heating, high temperature coal decomposition, resulting in gas and coal tar.
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