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What is the so-called new gas stove?
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The new gas furnace is not clearly defined, the customer is looking for a new gasifier is definitely to replace the original furnace, that is, to find a new coal gasification technology.
On the current market, in addition to fixed bed sheets and two gas stoves, the new type is the fluidized bed gasifier.
Can replace the two gas furnace new gas furnace
The new gas furnace-CLL fluidized bed gasification technology can solve the two-stage furnace:
1, raw coal for the quality of lump coal, limited resources, high cost of gas;
2, in the gas and purification gas process contains a lot of tar, phenols, purification process complex: produce a large number of phenol wastewater;
3, a single capacity smaller, monomer gas production 7000-9000Nm3 / h.
Replacement of water gas furnace new gas furnace
Circulating fluidized bed oxygen-rich gasification technology can solve the water gas furnace:
1, the structure of complex, high cost of manufacturing and maintenance.
2, can only use lump coal, raw materials limit large.
3, carbon conversion rate is low, a waste of energy, no energy.
4, the output of tar, phenol water and other pollutants, the latter part of the purification process long, more equipment.
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