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Gas producer design and requirement
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Gas is widely used in industrial production because it is burning without smoke, strong fire, easily igniting and not polluting the environment. Gas is a product of gases such as coal, such as solid combustion or heavy oil, etc. Its main components are hydrogen, carbon monoxide and light hydrocarbon. Ignition temperature between 500 ℃ to 600 ℃, and the air mixed with a certain proportion, encounters fire explodes. So the gas in the process of production and distribution, once an explosion, tend to cause casualties and property loss of huge, so earnestly implement the gas station fire protection design is particularly important.



First, the distance between fire and fire.


According to the code for fire protection design of buildings GBJ16-87 the provisions of the gas generator gas station and adjacent building 10 m to meet the fire prevention span, and civil architecture should meet the fire prevention spacing of 25 m. For gas production rate is less than 6000 cubic meters per hour of small gas station, "code for design of the generator gas station, with the gas users workshop of photograph adjacent, but should fortify fire wall. No spacing requirements here, only on direct use of the gas producer gas and adjacent walls from the perspective of the workshop for the firewall, the workshop to the gas users should still meet fire separation of 10 m.


Equipment safety.


In the actual gas production, the gas generator is semi-open, and the gas producer is the fixed bed type full gas furnace. The gasification system is running under high pressure, there is no question of outside air suction, but also because of its high pressure, equipment and piping system also requires high sealing, so the device should be weak or vulnerable to blast blast shock blasting valve parts installed directly. "The design specification for the generator gas" (gb501955-94) stipulates that the blasting valves are installed in the electrical filter and the washing tower. However, I think that in addition to the above two places, we should also install the explosion film at the end of the dust collector and the dividing line. Because in normal production process, the water seal in dust collector has removed directly connect with the gas pipeline, once appear, fault, seal gas piping is accomplished by to filter in emergency water injection, if error, easy to form the negative pressure, extremely easy to inhalation of air, and explode. And it should be added to the gas main, gas outlet and the end of the pipe. The discharge tube shall be set with a sampling nozzle, and the gas content will be detected when the purge pipe is carried out. The diameter of the release tube is determined by the volume of the furnace, and if the volume is greater than or equal to 1 cubic, the dispersed tube should not be less than 100mm. If less than 1 cubic, the release tube should not be less than 50mm. In this way, the gas will be free from the dead Angle in the pipe line, thus effectively reducing the chance of the gas pipe explosion caused by the return of fire.


Electrical equipment.


Although in the producer gas design specification GB50195-94 to determine the main workshop of the bottom and the operational layer belong to the explosion danger environment, workshop did not request to gas users, but in the event of a stove top and pipe laying workshop should still belongs to the explosion hazard environment. Because the gas is in the furnace and the pipe is maintained by high pressure and the pipe is set up in the pipe line, it is very easy to leak. And producer of coal and coal ash is rely on the lock hopper and ash bucket to lock closed high-pressure gas in furnace, to lock the high pressure gas release inside the bucket, to carry out, once the untight seal or error, the gas will spit out, easy to form the explosive gas mixture. So the lighting and power supply should still be designed and added CO gas alarm to better satisfy fire safety.

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