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A slag form of gas producer
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Now more and more manufacturers, enterprises to choose the gas production, especially in some coal mines is developed, and the production of the gas will have to use producer gas generator, and in order to be able to produce different kinds of coal products, increase of the use of gas, enlarge the using range of gas, it must be either the same type of gas generator can be produced. What exactly is it?


First, according to different manufacturing techniques, there are three kinds. The first kind, is a single period of gas producer, only very simple and the architecture of the must, only able to produce more coarse impurity gas, there are limits to the distance and transportation, can only be short of transport; The second is bo wei double period of gas producer, on the basis of the single section with a dry distillation layer, can carry on the pretreatment of raw coal, so the last produced by coal higher purity, and transport distance will also further, but will have to produce some tar; The third is the ideal two-stage detar furnace, which is the second one with the highest purity.


Second, it is classified according to the slag of the furnace. Mainly divided into inside out slag and slag, slag within simple said is that one is the ash after combustion in the furnace, and is able to go out slag ash to outside the furnace. So, the above classification is the specific classification of the gas generator.

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