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Control the pressure of two gas producer
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Two gas producer due to its material layer thickness, so start from the bottom of the furnace, the pressure is high, the bottom of the furnace is in commonly 6000 ~ 8000 mpa, furnace pressure is 1000 ~ 1000 mpa, because the overall to overcome resistance resulted from multichannel purification steps.

There are several reasons for the increased pressure of two gas furnaces:

The front is blocked and the rear pressure increases.

The pressure of the dry section is higher, the pressure of the dry distillation section is higher. The vertical channel is putty and the pressure of gasification is increased.

Flow increases, the bottom of the furnace and the gasification section, the pressure of the dry distillation section increases.

The outlet pressure of the upper and lower parts of the gasification is reduced, and the pressure of the bottom of the furnace increases.

When the user suddenly USES gas, the pressure in the furnace will rise.

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