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What is the difference between a gas producer and a boiler
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Boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment, the energy input to the boiler is the chemical energy of the fuel, electricity, high temperature flue gas heat energy, and through the transformation of the boiler, exporting with must heat steam, hot water or organic heat carrier. The original meaning of the pot refers to a water container heated by the fire, which is the place where the fuel is burned, and the boiler consists of two large parts of the boiler and the furnace.

Producer gas generator and boiler are belong to a kind of boiler professional, but use different and principle, although some of the gas generator planning standards is also in accordance with the specification of boiler, such as water jacket and so on. Boiler is a kind of liquid heating equipment, it is to heat the medium of oil, water and other medium through boiler. The hot liquid may have steam, the drying of the object and the supply power of the equipment may be in the warm bath. A gas producer is a special equipment that is used to remove coal, heavy oil, bio-fuels, etc.

The typical gas generator is a series of chemical reactions, such as the use of coal as gasification fuel, water vapor and water vapor, to produce a combustible gas that may be used for the day. The gas generator is a clean power use device, which is to convert straight coal to clean gas incineration. It is widely used in chemical industry, exercise, ceramics, materials, rolling and non-ferrous metals.

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