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Energy saving and environmental protection of two-stage gas generator
TIME:2017/6/22 13:33:27 | VIEW:
With the exploitation of world energy, global energy total reserves dwindling, this also caused the rising of international crude oil prices, domestic liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas prices so high and coupled with the limitations of air supply is very big, such as glass ceramics factories, metallurgical industry, chemical plant, machinery manufacturing, building materials industry such as burn up larger industries, shifted their attention to the producer gas generator, energy conservation and environmental protection is imperative!

Double sections of producer gas generator, because of its environmental protection and energy saving effect is obvious, and attached to the tar production sales and can offset part of the operating cost of gas station (total station personnel salary and electricity expenses), so the market welcome. But many users in the application of double sections of producer gas generator, often will encounter similar sections of gas producer gas pipeline jam phenomenon under the misleading of some irresponsible equipment suppliers think this kind of phenomenon is normal, so, it has many mistakes on the two sections of gas producer.

Double sections of gas occurrence boiler gasification principle, equipment structure and generator operation to the analysis of the gas pipeline clogging problem, aims to make readers have a correct understanding of the problem, so as to avoid the gas station of pipeline jam,. Gas pipeline blockage was caused by the tar in the gas pipeline under the dust in the gas and condensate in the mixed deposits. Two sections of gas producer gas blocking problem, want to combine the plugging mechanism, from the device structure and operation method, comprehensive solution.

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