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Principle of automatic deslagging gas producer operation
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The gas producer is an advanced equipment for mixing gas and air. The equipment is suitable gasification weak viscous lean coal, anthracite, bituminous coal, coking coal, coke, such as fuel, widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, glass, building materials, light industry, food, textile industrial heating furnaces. Today, shandong wanfeng will introduce us to the principle of active removal of slag gas.

The successive gas generator is the fuel of the aspiration of 20-80mm coal. Small particles of coal in the furnace, greatly increasing the gasification intensity of the furnace, accelerates the reaction rate, improve the coal gasification power, make the coal chemical reaction of carbon and water vapor attack, formed the combustible gas such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and then achieve the complete gasification condition, successive manufacturing gas in peace. Active slag gas generator using scale: the gas generator to broaden the use of coal, reduces the production cost, thus widely used in casting gas heat treatment furnace, gas furnace, gas crucible furnace, gas mold shell roasting furnace, the gas baking furnace, gas furnace plant of resin sand thermal reclamation, gas, glass melting furnace, ceramic sintering furnace gas and the gas DaoYan refractory kiln, tunnel kiln and other categories of technical innovation of energy conservation and environmental protection. 

All kinds of coal, oil burning boiler, furnace, metallurgy, chemical industry, aluminum, fire-proof material, glass products, such as heat source equipment demand, also can be used in the existing boiler use, such as reform and function are very ambitious. Features of active slag removal gas generator:

Safe and reliable: a series of gas generator has been used to create patent technology in the country, which eliminates the safety hidden danger of simple explosion of traditional gas, which can guarantee the use of safety. Not subject to coal: successive gas generator can be used for coal or anthracite coal. (coal is not more than 10 percent of a grain of coal for the aspiring fuel.) Using dedicated incinerator: the producer gas generator according to different standards and different using conditions, equipped with a special "ejector type" incinerator, using sensitive, burning full, stable operation, long service life and other characteristics. Reduce labor intensity: the traditional gas generator a class needs to be used for a dozen times, to fire a dozen times, to explore the furnace condition, in case of coking. It increases the intensity of labor and damages the health of the human body.

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